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Our hotel project is already 12 years old and we had to postpone it, because after the land purchase and the start of construction in 2007 we unfortunately had to find out that the/our "friends" had planned a typical Land Title Scam. We won the trial after 2 years (2009). The CAM courts did a good and correct job. The normal population is very nice too. But then we lost Desire & Mood for the next 10 Years (2019).

We learned a lot there. The typical scam goes like this. Best "Friends" sell you land without the Titre (Land Registry Doc) and then let you build. Then you are threaten by "friends" and they try to steal the Land & Investment. The CAM-Government should therefore protect better investors with an Office. So nobody gets into such criminals only losing a lot of time & money. Only then Investors will come to Cameroon.